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by Brittany Vallejo

And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” Rev. 21:5

Don’t you just love when what you are studying in your personal quiet time lines up exactly with what your pastor is preaching, AND your missional community just happens to be learning about it too? I really love this because it is like God is using a megaphone to tell me, “pay attention!” In this season, the common theme I keep encountering is the amazing Creation Story and the beautiful Redemption Story that are one and the same.

It started back in September when we began the homeschool year in the book of Genesis. We learned the beauty of the six days of creation (and the seventh day of Sabbath rest taken by God) – kind of standard stuff – but I wasn’t exactly prepared for all the questions that little minds want to know. They sent us into a deep, but delightful, journey exploring creation and the awesome plan that God had written for humanity before it even began. We began exploring the mystery of dinosaurs – “where did they go?”. We researched the flood and fossils and asked questions like, “how did Noah feed all those animals? “and, “should we all be vegetarians because Adam and Eve may have been?” Our journey took us to Egyptian history and the study of tombs, cartouches, hieroglyphics, and most recently, mummies.

While these things were fascinating and illuminating on their own, there was a common thread woven through each story: everything and everyone is dying. It’s a concept so simple and so obvious, yet so neglected in our everyday activities. It all sounds so sad when you think about it. My daughter says, “See that pretty flower? It’s dying. Oh, those horses in the field? Dying. Gramma and Grampa? Dying.”

A morbid thought, and yet it’s the truth! Since the Fall of man, everything and everyone, from the moment they are born or start growing—starts to die. Why? The simple answer (and what I tell my kids over and over) is that sin messed everything up. Because of sin, everything is in a state of decay and that is why there is sadness, and boo-boos, and COVID, and death.

BUT GOD, who is rich in mercy and abounding in love, has been (and will continue to be) redeeming and restoring everything back to its original purpose which is to glorify the Maker. He is making all things new, including our hearts which is the best news ever! So when we mess up: He is making us new through his grace and forgiveness. When we face trials: He is refining us to be more like Him. We can see the joy and beauty in all of his (dying) creation because He is making all things new. We can take heart because through Jesus we are made new.

So the next time you see the death of those beautiful autumn leaves that we love so much, pause and remember that He is making you new as well.

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