Widsom & Faith | The Letter of James

Date of Series

10.27.2019 - 2.2.2020


Ryan Johnson
Brandon Dean
Patrick Choi

The letter of James, penned by the younger brother of Jesus, is affectionately called "The Proverbs of the New Testament" as it provides practical wisdom on how Christians should live. 

James was the pastor of the church in Jerusalem after the Apostle Peter died. His audience was primarily Christian Jews who had a tendency to hold the law in very high esteem. Because it focuses more on the gospel behaviors that a life in Jesus requires, the letter of James has sometimes been falsely accused of contradicting the teaching of Paul that focuses on justification by faith alone.

Careful examination of the Scripture reveals that there is nothing contradictory in the teaching of James; the spiritual fruit written of by James simply demonstrates the true faith expounded by Paul. 

Come along with us as we discover the great wisdom God brings through this letter and see how it enhances our faith in the only source of our salvation, Jesus Christ.