The word membership has really been diluted by the sheer number of things that we can subscribe to these days.  Streaming services, stores, interest-based organizations, services, and more all offer us membership that entitles us to certain benefits and access to otherwise exclusive content. At New City Church, we see membership as more than merely joining a club. 

Our vision is to live as the family of God, together proclaiming and demonstrating the gospel of grace to one another and our city. We think of our members as family - brothers and sisters who partner with us - bound together in the covenant of grace extended to us by God through Jesus Christ, as we pursue a common mission: the communication of the gospel message to the ends of the world. This is why we refer to our members as Covenant Partners. 

An Invitation

Pastor Ryan talks about Covenant Partnership and invites you to take the next step toward partnering with us.

The Path To Covenant Partnership

The Path To Covenant Partnership

Pastor's Coffee

Come and visit with Pastor Ryan and Megan for a time of dessert and coffee. Hear the story of New City Church and we'll explain more about what it means to be a part of our church family.


The first covenant partnership class focuses on the vision, mission, and values of New City Church. We'll also explain about some of our distinctives and core beliefs. 


The second class focuses on the commitment between you and the church. You will also meet members of our ministry teams. 


Once you decide to become a covenant partner, you will meet with a couple of our elders who will listen to the story of how you came to know Jesus.

Childcare is typically available for all four steps of the path to covenant partnership.

Next Steps

Register for a Class

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Complete the Paperwork

We'll have hard copies at the class if needed.

Complete the Paperwork

Set up an Elder Meeting

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What About Children?

We have a special set of classes for kids and students. We focus on the essentials of our faith and work alongside our children to help them develop the ability to articulate their understanding of the gospel. Once they can give a credible profession of faith and demonstrate the ability to examine themselves beforehand, the elders will make communion available to them.

High School Students

Many high-school aged students are already able to articulate their faith and understand what it means to examine themselves before partaking of the Lord's Table.  If this is the case, they are welcome to skip the Kids & Students Covenant Partnership Class and simply attend the adult classes. Once they meet with the elders, they will be full voting members of the Church. 

However, some high school students have never learned the essentials of the faith or how to articulate what it is that they believe. If this is the case, we invite them to join us for the Kids & Students Covenant Partnership Class. We learn much by teaching, and as they assist us in helping the younger children, they will also learn the skills necessary to give a credible profession of faith to the elders. In order to become a full-voting member, however, they will also have to take the adult classes.

Elementary & Middle School Kids

It is not uncommon for children to take the Kids & Students Covenant Partnership Class more than once before they truly have a firm understanding of their faith. Young children adopt the faith of their parents. Before they become members, we hope to see them decide to make their parent's faith their own. The purpose of the class is not to teach them the right things to say, but to guide them as they take what they have been taught to heart. 

Children who become non-voting communing members through the Kids & Students CP Class will later need to reaffirm their beliefs at age 13 or older in order to become full voting members of the church.