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by Sherry Edwards & Megan Johnson

We love getting into the Word with your children at New City Kids, but we know that you are your kids’ primary discipleship leaders. Here are some great ideas for getting your kids in the Word using the Sunday curriculum as a resource throughout the week.


  • We start our morning working through the Take Home sheets. Each child can work independently on most of it because the curriculum is well written for their age. If they need help, we work together. I then read over what they answered so that we can discuss anything that is confusing.
  • I try to find some real life applications to the questions they are answering.
  • I write the Bible verses on our white board and have the kids practice writing them.


  • I leave the Take Home pages in a basket on the kitchen table so we see them often and talk about them during dinner time.
  • My big kids read the Take Home sheet to my younger kids at dinner time.
  • We find the story from their lesson in our children’s Bible and read it together.
  • We focus a lot on the catechism questions. My big and little kids can all participate in this. We use the First Catechism book (with the shorter catechism questions) and work on questions 2-3 nights a week. Sometimes prizes are given if the kids memorize 50 or more.
  • We work on the Scripture memory as a family. I hang the posters up that are given in the Midtown classroom so they see the whole passage to work on.
  • The Skyscraper class and Aviators class Take Home sheets are great for teaching kids to have a quiet time. We use it 2-3 days a week for quiet time. It teaches them to use their Bible!

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