Fighting for the Light

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by Megan Johnson

It’s time to start discipleship groups again at the church. This church, that was birthed with blood, sweat, and tears out of our living room. This church, that was birthed out of my and Ryan’s discipleship groups. God be praised!

Being in a group of women in a discipling relationship (meaning even though I’m the leader they disciple me too) has been transformative beyond words. And it’s how Jesus called us to live and walk.

I love the groups I’ve had over the years, and I want to share about something that happened as we lived life together this past season.

We re-named our group “Fight Club”!

Because we, together, were fighting the powers of darkness, and sin, and shame, and hiddenness.

We, together, were standing in the Light.

We, together, were praying for and building up one another.

We, together, were fighting for the Light to shine and go forth into the deepest crevices of our hearts and minds, and in others too.

We, together, were speaking the truth of Scripture into one another’s hearts, minds, and stories even when it didn’t “feel good” in the moment.

We fought.

We have scars.

We are healed and we are healing.

It’s good.

It’s a good that isn’t a surface level good. A goodness that transcends the pain, and difficulty, and mystery. Good birthed out of something hard …the best kind of good!

I do love my Fight Club – because of my D-group, I am enabled to fight alongside others better, even those people who are not in my group. In fact, because of our longing to love and live for Jesus, and be loved by Jesus well, I get to invite others into the brokenness and mess, and beauty, of being a disciple wherever I go and with whoever I encounter – be it my four-year old, someone who isn’t yet a believer, or a good friend.

It frees me to trust more.

It frees me to be broken more.

Because, really, brokenness and repentance lead to revival.

The messy leads to the beautiful.

The brokenness lets God’s treasure shine through – for we have this treasure in jars of clay (2 Cor. 4:7) .

I love this quote from Roy Hession in the book, The Calvary Road (Get and read it now if you haven’t. It is a gem. Also, his first wife’s name was Revel which is … ah-mazing.)

“Sin always involves us in being unreal, pretending, duplicity, window dressing, excusing ourselves and blaming others – and we can do all that as much by our silence as by saying or doing something. While we are in that condition of darkness, we cannot have true fellowship with our brother either – for we are not real with him, and no one can have fellowship with an unreal person. The only basis for real fellowship with God and man is to live out in the open with both. ‘But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another’ … Love will flow from one to another, when each is prepared to be known as the repentant sinner he is at the cross of Jesus. When the barriers are down and the masks are off, God has a chance of making us really one.”

At the foot of the cross, the barriers are broken, the chains are removed, and the masks are taken off. We are each known as a loved and repentant sinner. And we fight, together, with our brothers and sisters.

As we confess our sins to each other, and as we get honest about where we really are, others are freed to do the same, and we begin to fight the darkness together. (James 5:16, 1 John 1:7)

It’s not easy, but it’s essential to abiding in Christ. We are united to Him as believers, but we can know deeper communion with Him, and part of that involves community. Our sanctification is a community endeavor. Our sanctification is discipleship.

Bring it on!

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