Generosity is a Family Goal

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by Cheri Ryan

Over the past few months, it has been interesting to observe how interested our daughter has become in the idea that our little church plant might soon have its own building. When we first pointed out the site to her as we drove through downtown Lawrenceville, she said that she liked that it was close to the puppet show (Aurora Theater). She now points the building out to us as we go down Buford Drive. Additionally, she was listening when we sat in those congregational meetings after service, and she raised her hand to vote in favor of purchasing the new building, though I’m not sure her vote was actually counted.

And now, as New City is starting a Generosity Initiative to assist in the purchase of a new church home and the furthering of the vision to make God known in Lawrenceville and beyond, new conversations have been taking place in our home. My daughter knows that our family will have the opportunity to take part by giving money, and she is on board, though she is still too young to understand exactly what that means. Her first comment was that Daddy should just go to the bank and get more money and give it to our church. At five, her knowledge of family finances is still developing.

However, I’ve been excited by the number of new topics we’ve been able to approach with her as part of this initiative process. We have talked about how sometimes Mommy needs to work in the evenings, and part of the money that Mommy makes will be for helping our family to give a little more to our church. We have also talked about the fact that for part of what we promise to give, Mommy and Daddy are going to allow space for God to provide for our family in a way that surprises us, that we have faith that part of “our money” for the church will come directly from God, and not just be money from our jobs.

But more than concerns about money, this time in the life of our church is a chance for us to share the concept of vision with our kids. We are talking about what God might do with New City when we have this building. How maybe some new friends might come to our church if we really do get this new building, maybe friends that live so close to church that they can walk there. That maybe we could help people in the neighborhood. That we don’t even know for sure the things that God has in store for our church, but it’s our job to just take the next step He shows to us.

I want to encourage you also to have these conversations as a family. During this season of praying for our church’s vision and asking for guidance for your family’s part in the future of New City, include your kids. They too are a critical part of our church, and they also look forward to how our church will grow in its new home. They may surprise you with their easy faith in God’s provision and their willingness to sacrifice and take part in the church’s mission.

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