It is important to us that our children know that this is not just their parents' church.  As the Apostle Peter made clear in his first sermon (Acts 2) the Promise is for us and for our children. The Book of Church Order reminds us (6-1) that the children of believers are, through the covenant and by right of birth, non-communing members of the Church. They are entitled to the sacraments of baptism, to the benefits of pastoral oversight and instruction - all with a view toward their coming to embrace Christ personally - making their parents' faith their own.

About once a year we offer a Kids & Students Covenant Partnership Class in which we focus on the essentials of our faith and work alongside our children to help them develop the ability to articulate their understanding of the gospel. Once they can give a credible profession of faith and demonstrate the ability to examine themselves beforehand, the elders will make communion available to them.

It is not uncommon for children to take the Kids & Students Covenant Partnership Class more than once before they truly have a firm understanding of their faith. Young children adopt the faith of their parents. Before they become members, we hope to see them decide to make their parent's faith their own. The purpose of the class is not to teach them the right things to say, but to guide them as they take what they have been taught to heart. As every child is different, we don't have a set age for this class - however, we have found that children 10 or older are best able to comprehend the materials.

Once a child reaches high school age, if they are able to give a credible profession of faith, they can take the adult Covenant Partnership Class and become a full voting Covenant Partner (member) of New City Church. 


High School students can attend on their own, but at least one parent must attend with their elementary or middle-school aged student. Most of the work is done at home, with the help of a parent. By the end of the course each student will have completed a first draft of their own testimony.


Sin and Grace

In week one we discuss sin and its consequences, the person of Jesus, and how we receive grace. 


Growing in Christ

In week two we discuss the importance of God's Word, prayer, worship, fellowship, and the mission common to all Christians.


The Sacraments

In the final week, we look at the sacraments - baptism and the Lord's Table.


Following the class, children will have an opportunity to meet with the elders and become Covenant Partners.

Middle | Elementary Age

The meeting with the elders will be low pressure. It's not a test of the ability to recite the class content. We recommend a parent attend to set the child at ease.

The elders are looking for:

  1. A statement of belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  2. A statement of personal desire to be a member of Jesus' Church.
  3. An ability to articulate the gospel and specifically their own story of coming to faith.
  4. An ability to explain how they would examine themselves before taking communion.

If a child is not yet ready for an elder meeting, this is not necessarily an indication that they are not yet a believer. It is important not to pressure children into making statements of belief before they are ready.

When you believe your child is ready, an elder meeting can be scheduled using the button below.

High School Age

High School Students have the option of becoming full voting members of New City Church. In order to do so, they must also attend the adults Covenant Partnership Class when it is next offered. During this class they will be introduced to the vision, mission, and values of New City Church and given the opportunity to ask questions about our beliefs and policies.

There is no need to wait for the adult class before meeting with the elders. Click the button below to schedule a meeting now.

SCHEDULEAn Elder Meeting


If you are not yet a covenant partner, you can learn more about membership for adults using the link below.

Covenant PartnershipFor Grown-Ups