She who is truly a widow, left all alone, has set her hope on God and continues in supplications and prayers night and day ...

1 Timothy 5:5


In Scripture, we see that God calls us to take special care of women who lose the companionship and support of their husbands. Sometimes, these women are able to support themselves or are well cared for by family or friends and do not need help from the Church. Other times, for a variety of reasons, these women do not have the support they need. The Apostle Paul called these women, “truly widows,” and instructed the local church to care for them.

Women considered ‘truly widows’ include those whose husband has passed away, who are divorced or separated, whose husband is incarcerated, or whose husband is deployed in service to his country. Women in all of these circumstances can find themselves in real need and without support.



Our vision is to live as the family of God, and a Missional Community can truly serve in this role for a widow, providing companionship and coming alongside her through many challenges she may encounter. 


When needs exceed the ability of a Missional Community to provide, New City Church can provide care through volunteers, ministry partners, and the benevolence fund.