Long Term Discipleship

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by Sherry Edwards

I recently got together with a friend who I was in a discipleship group with 13 years ago. As we sat together, I was blessed by the discipleship that is still going on. We asked each other great heart questions. The Gospel was a part of our conversation. The Spirit was moving.

It’s had me thinking about how discipleship is much more than the year we commit to in a D-group. When you pour your life into another, it doesn’t stop in May.

What does that look like at New City Kids? It is the teachers that pour into our kids. It is the friendships that grow and mature and point one another to Jesus. It is the gift of community.

As my children’s primary disciple leader, I want my kids to grow up with teachers who have invested in them and ask probing heart questions. I want them to have friends who graciously lead them to Jesus.

This is a long term investment. Whether your kids are in the nursery, or growing up too quickly, let us go deep in community. Let us build relationships that last. Let us disciple one another’s children. Let us pursue a heart of discipleship. Let us love one another well for the long haul.

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