Modeling Repentance

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by Emily McAuliff

When our oldest was six months old, Mike and I read Tedd Tripp’s, Shepherding a Child’s Heart, with two other young couples and one wiser, more experienced couple. That book was full of hard lessons for our inexperienced parenting hearts.

The thing that still sticks with me eight years later is how I have to be confronting and confessing my own sin BEFORE I can make any attempt to disciple my girls. I have seen how crucial it is for me to not only confess to my Heavenly Father, but to confess to my girls when I sin against them. And I do sin against them!

But I am so thankful for the grace that leads to repentance. There is such a sweetness that comes when my girls see me modeling repentance, asking forgiveness, and confessing my need for God’s grace and for my Savior.

Another resource we use to help us understand more about who God is and what he requires of us is Training Hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade. This book leads us through the Shorter Catechism with short daily devotions.

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