Proverbs | Straight Up Wisdom

At first glance the book of Proverbs seems to be a collection of witty sayings like the kinds of things we see on the bumpers of automobiles or spray painted on protest signs or walls. Yet, this book is the very Word of God, not intended to be reduced to simple memes or slogans. It is intended to be a collection of practical wisdom, essentially linked to our fear (reverence) of the Lord, that guides our steps in the Christian life.

This Summer series is not an exhaustive look at everything Proverbs has to offer, but a selection of deep dives into key concepts that contrast the benefits of seeking wisdom over and against the pitfalls of living the life of a fool. 

Date of Series

5.23.2021 - 8.8.2021


Brandon Dean
Rod Entrekin
Tony Thomas
Patrick Choi
Cartee Bales
Mike McAuliff
Ryan Johnson