Rejoice and Be Present

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by Megan Pettigrew

When I first heard that the supervisors would be contributing tidbits to the monthly newsletter I thought it was awesome. Oh how I need this wisdom! And then I realized that I would have to contribute too! How could I write to a group of people who are more than likely further along in this parenting journey than I? I was encouraged to just tell people how we incorporate Christ in the every day. So here goes…

Two things have been at the forefront of our lives in 2017…


Since reading the Advent book from NCK last Christmas, our son has adopted “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” as his bedtime song. But instead he calls it “Rejoice!” This is a daily reminder to us that we are to rejoice in whatever the circumstances. Looking at the lyrics, I see that each verse points to Christ bringing victory over death, mourning, and darkness. My son is now singing these words with us each night. He may not know it but he is rejoicing in Christ our Savior with his sweet little voice. Oh, how we have so much to rejoice over!


I heard a story about a young family on the beach. Storm clouds were coming and a mom and dad were rushing to pack up their belongings and wrangling their unhappy toddler and crying baby. The mother was upset about rain during their beach vacation and the difficulty of getting back to their hotel. Near by, an older man and his wife were observing them. He leans over to his wife and says, “Oh, those were the days!” They were wishing they could go back to the days when their children were still in their arms crying for mommy and daddy, or simply in their presence.

As I listened to this story I just started crying. Aren’t these the days I have been dreaming of; being a wife and a mom? How quickly these years pass! I want to be present. I want my kids to know they are far more important than the pictures I scroll through on social media, the mess in the kitchen, or the pile of clean unfolded laundry that sits on the chair in the living room. I want my husband to know I appreciate his hard work and long hours on the football field; providing for us so I can stay home with our children. These relationships are far more important than my list. Relationships will have an eternal impact, whereas my list is fleeting. These are the days; be present!

Here are a few things we do each day to incorporate Christ in our home:

Daily Devotion: We read a story from The Storybook Bible each night and ask simple questions that all lead back to Jesus and the Gospel.

Prayer: We thank God for life today and His provision; we praise God for who He is; we ask that our kids will know Christ deep in their hearts and see Him in us daily; we ask for help for someone who is hurting or in need.

Songs of Praise: “Rejoice” and “I love you Lord” are our favorites.

Spoken Blessings: We verbally remind our kids that Jesus loves them.

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