Repenting Well

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by Sherry Edwards

In our family, we’re currently struggling together with learning how to repent well.

That’s hard and messy stuff!

What does it look like for me to confess my sin to my kids and show them how Jesus changes me? What does it look like for my son to repent to his sister and show how Jesus is changing him? How does the Holy Spirit move in and through us as we eat, play and fold laundry together?

There is something powerful that happens when we are honest with our kids; when we admit that we have sinned.

Yesterday, I had to apologize to my daughter for snapping at her. I want her to hear the words “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” More than that, I really want her to understand the sorrow of my heart. I also want her to know that I am praying for Jesus to help me speak love and kindness to her.

There is hope that as my children hear me pray, they are learning. By watching me, they are figuring out what it means to follow Jesus.

I get to lead them in baby steps. I cheer them on when they see their sin and confess. I celebrate with them when they are tempted to do the wrong thing but have the self-control not to. I cry and pray with them on the rough days. This is training them up in righteousness. This is discipleship.

The best resource I can give you, is your own discipleship.

I highly encourage you to find a discipleship group! As you join with others to grow in your own faith, your children will benefit. I know your schedule is busy, but I promise this will benefit your whole family. Grow yourself as you grow your children. It’s a beautiful adventure!

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