Trusting God with our Post Summer Selves

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by Sarah May

Summer came, and with the freedom from stringent schedules, normal alarms, early bedtimes, and regular baths, (because swimming definitely counts in the summertime,) also comes a lull in regular cleaning chores, nonexistent disciplined days, and very few moments of quiet.

Something happens to mamas in the summer. Whether we work outside the home full-time, half-time, or are at home always. Whether we have toddlers, school-aged children, or are welcoming home those from college who will always be our babies. There is a large chunk of us that we voluntarily set aside and place on the shelf for the summer.

We are skilled in the act of sacrifice; relinquishing much of our own life for the lives of our children. Not losing our identity, but gaining other facets, as we walk in the way of love (Eph. 5:2); mirroring in our own feeble way, Christ’s loving sacrifice for us. We know, all too well, how quickly time slips away; how few summers we will have to guide lives and build memories before they are all but a glimpse of the past.

Today, I say to you all: well done, good show, way to go, cheers, you killed it, whether you feel it or not! We did it; we survived another summer.

So here’s to us; to the moment we stand on our tippy toes to reach up and grab that us – that we voluntarily set aside for a bit to live and thrive through another of the 18 summers we are given.

For you homeschooling mamas: you are taking your teaching self down off the shelf, polishing her up, and are again taking on many roles past motherhood in the lives of your children. It’s not an easy job to do.

For you working mamas: you are able to fully bring back your professional self off the shelf, and are able to engage more into your career with a little heartfelt ease, and less distraction, knowing that your children have been firmly left in the capable hands you know and trust to come alongside you on the parenting journey. It’s not an easy job to do.

For you stay at home mamas with babies still surrounding you at all times: you can bring down the new you. The one with another year of experience at training them up and figuring out the new personalities and idiosyncrasies that come with a child who also has one more year of life under their belt. It’s not an easy job to do.

For you in the middle mamas, for you transitioners, (for the ones I relate to the most): you are in a crossroads of life that will most definitely not play out as you expected, no matter what. You may be starting back to work again after years at home, you may be starting a new job or career, or you may still be sitting and frantically, (or not so frantically,) searching, realizing, those next steps. You are my people, and I know with all my heart, it’s not an easy job to do.

For all of us, the self you are taking off the shelf is one of certain mystery. Though she still looks the same on the outside from when you placed her up there, you know inside she is not. She is full of anticipation, expectations, a little bit of fear, and a deep-seated desire of hope, that when dusted off and put back fully into the real world of post-summer life, you will like the person she becomes and enjoy the walk ahead.

As we see what the future holds, I am praying for you ladies: praying for the confidence to tackle the opportunities that await; praying for the newness to slowly change into experience; praying for clear visions and desires to pursue; and most of all, praying that your hopes are grounded in Christ, as He is the only one who can fulfill, and will fulfill, through each and every endeavor.

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